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The main task is to create a solution which will help to optimize the customer base to get the most out of the customer data. This solution should notify the client about the services/goods, which he can buy on the most appropriate days and conditions for him.

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An international digital marketing and advertising agency, who created the first information platform built for marketers around the world.

*any information is published solely with the consent of the customer

our solution

Developed a platform, which:

Integrated the platform with the other popular ecommerce platforms.

Implemented a system, which helps to download/upload data on the consumption of services by clients, dividing them into certain groups, according to the purchased services/goods.

Created a platform, which analyzes and identifies the periods, when the client is most likely to place an order. Based on this data, the customer can build his advertising campaign, thereby foreseeing what to offer to the client at the time of his purchase, hence increasing his lifetime value and loyalty.

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