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Main task is to track and generate time lists for more than 4k company employees for subsequent control of the worked hours number, optimize/reduce costs spent on control of the employees work hours number, as well as improve the accuracy of filling in time lists, thus avoiding the factor of human error. The client gave up security cameras in order for employees to know about the device that would record their check-in and check-out time, so they won’t be worried that their working hours are not being counted ...

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Large corporate company with over 4k employees working part-time in 10 different time zones. Due to the constantly changing daily shifts of employees, the company needs additional departments with more than 100 employees who fill out the time sheets of all employees of the company.

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Developed a solution within the framework of which, after arrival an employee can approach the device (tablet/computer), stand in front of the camera and the system will automatically determine who the employee is and check-in time. When an employee leaves the workplace, the same procedure is performed, in which the device again records the check-out time. The client gave up security cameras. Nevertheless, the owner wanted the employees to be aware of the device that would record their arrival and departure from work, and not worry that their hours are not counted properly.

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The system operates in two modes: manual or fully automatic. The system automatically initiates the process of switching to the operator on duty, which initiates the employee manually if any problems arise when reading the employee's identity.

The system works in a centralized form - each department can work autonomously without communication with the head office of the company.

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