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Mailing platform dashboard

It is needed to create a system that will automatically filter and send information about events, public initiatives and grants to all member companies of the union.

Mailing platform customer location

A multi-faceted union in Chile that represents 114 trade-unions in different regions and includes ~ 200k companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs to help develop the country's business, with a total of more than 1 mln employees.

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our solution

Created a web platform that stores data on the number of companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs, number of employees, type of each company’s activity, and to which events and initiatives each union member should have instant access and well-timed information.

mailing platform dashboard

Based on the solution, lists for mailing have been created, classified according to preset filters. Depending on the type of news agenda, the sender must either select the purpose of the letter, or select the recipients manually. Also, the sender can select the type of delivery and notify recipients additionally through other social networks/messengers for prompt notification of the event.

mailing platform dashboard users

System automatically identifies and recommends recipients/addressees who would be interested in receiving this letter.

Web platform allows union members to log in to manage other users' roles, send messages and create new users. In addition, it is possible to filter member lists and manage an internal portal to notify people.

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