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  • Automatize daily price relevance and stock availability monitoring for more than 100k products through the entire network(approximately 18 mln requests per day);
  • Reduce the amount of manual work and operational errors during updates and new products listings;
  • Add cross-checks of the same products listed on Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, etc;
  • Create a system for monitoring all products available looking for ones with the biggest price variations;
  • Create a notification system that automatically notifies the admin about order problems, changes, delays and controls orders statuses and shipments;
  • Automatize cashback website tracking, adding an option to identify orders with no/incorrect cashback to avoid missed orders;
  • Create daily reports with detailed statistics;
  • Automatize updates and new listings at the selling platform;
  • Keep infrastructure charges below $1000 per month.
operating supplement cutomer location

Foreign manufacturing company. Raw materials are supplied from 37 suppliers.

*any information is published solely with the consent of the customer

our solution

Developed a solution which combined all data sources and made it possible to analyze information and identify bottlenecks of the process.

Carried out a smooth integration with the systems of suppliers, retailers, logistics companies and owned transport.

Built predictive sales models taking into account seasonality and consumer preferences.

Built a “lean” warehouse operation algorithm.

Implemented a tool for balancing orders between suppliers to maximize profits and minimize risks per counterparty.

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