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With the help of security cameras, it is needed to analyze the flow of people through their owned chain stores, the routes of people in the premises of the stores, visits to specific departments and statistics s.a. shelves and products which are the most often viewed by visitors.

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One of the largest electronic retailers in Eastern Europe.

*any information is published solely with the consent of the customer

our solution

Built a system based on Machine Learning, image detection and face recognition.

All cameras work in a centralized form and pass data to a single server that processes the information received.

store heatmap user story

Solution analyzes the movement of visitors around the store, keeps track of shelves that are viewed most often and products which clients skip.

Solution optimizes the process of selling goods, since the information received makes it possible to concentrate on selling goods in which the visitor is most interested, and to identify not popular ones.

store heatmap user dashboard
store heatmap dashboard statistic
store heatmap dashboard clients list
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