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supply chaindashboard

supply chain dashboard
  • Daily, the Client's reporting department deals with data gained from suppliers, sales and payments info, etc.
  • Data from more than 100 different sources gained by copying info from contractors' systems comes in the form of Excel sheets, PDF files.
  • Reporting department consisting of 15 workers processes unstructured data, forming tables and graphs, analyzes information for trends and generates management reports.
  • Our main goal was to optimize the work of employees by building a data sources integration and a reporting system to use at the different management levels of the Client.
supply chain customer location

A British-Dutch transnational company focused on production of FMCG , products of which are represented in about 190 countries around the world. The company owns more than 400 brands; the company's turnover in 2017 is more than €50 bln.

*any information is published solely with the consent of the customer

our solution

Created a system that unifies data from all sources connected with supply of goods and stores them in a structured form.

Developed a system that controls data integrity and identifies anomalies.

Developed a web portal with the possibility of multi-level filtering and dynamic display of data which consists of:

supply chain dashboard statistic
supply chain dashboard material
supply chain dashboard graph


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