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web app for

  • Develop from scratch a responsive web-native app with sign-up functionality (user and admin parts)
  • Collecting and analyzing product/seller data from AliExpress/Alibaba
  • Integrate data with FB and TikTok
  • Build a system to calculate subscriber profit and product statistics based on various factors and indicators
  • Mapping and displaying the best-selling product data within the app design (description, price, competitors, product ratings, etc)
  • Integration with the payment systems

The Software company that provides solutions to eCommerce store owners

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our solution

Designed and built a mobile responsive web app with user and admin parts.

Built high-load scraping algorithms for extracting data from AliExpress/ FB/TikTok

Developed scrapers that get competitor product data from Shopify stores

Developed AI algorithms that calculate for users the main economic indicators and profit margins

Developed payment system integration with various subscription functionalities

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