Capturing data and harnessing its benefits places a new level of demands on businesses’ data and analytics capabilities. Data Forest helps clients outperform competitors by building modern data analytics architectures, by helping to evolve an insight-driven organization through data management ,machine learning and data science.

Today, most companies attempt to generate forecasts by using anything from excel spreadsheets to complex financial planning solutions. Typical legacy solutions base their forecasts on looking only at historical series of data with the assumption that the future is determined by the past.

These forecasts can be greatly enhanced by combining additional variables into the forecast model and adding external data sources like location, weather, demographics, pricing, product features, competition, etc.

What we do for clients:

  • Discovering insights by analyzing multiple data sources;
  • Improve forecasting by applying ML and AI solutions;
  • Designing programs based on the insights generated;
  • A move from historical reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics.
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